Sporting Gijón Gaspar Campos awaits a convincing extension offer with Sporting Andrés Guzmán – December 11, 2023 – 11:00 a.m

The talented and outstanding Asturian footballer is in the sights of several clubs and has already made a decision about his future.

Gaspar Campos is one of Sporting de Gijón’s pleasant surprises in the current second division season. He is one of the footballers with the biggest lead in the silver tier of Spanish football and his name is already starting to circulate in the orbits of several top division teams. Given this situation, the sports community is already appreciating its renewal.

Let’s remember this At 23 years old, Gaspar Campos has already found a place at Sporting de Gijón. This season he has played a total of 19 games and scored 8 goals, making him one of the club’s key players. There have been 1,360 minutes in which he has shown that he has a lot of talent and that catapults him towards an eventual exit.

Gaspar Campos is causing a stir at Sporting
Sporting’s Gaspar Campos continues to cause a stir

Gaspar Campos continues to make waves at Sporting de Gijón, a club awaiting renewal

In this way, it has been established that this left winger can be extended by El Molinón, but he is waiting for the offer that they make. He has a contract until the summer of 2025, so reaching an agreement with him is a priority. And by the way, increase your clause. There are many clubs that want his arrival and can offer a fairly high salary.

In this order of ideas, Gaspar Campos will follow very closely the proposal that Sporting de Gijón makes to him. He believes he is a pretty important footballer and can continue to develop, which is why he wants them to make him an offer for the top flight. If the numbers don’t come close to what you expect, consider taking another course.

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They want to convince their new pearl from the Gijón club environment

Be like that and As we reported in El Gol Digital, Real Betis and Real Sociedad are the two clubs close to the talented winger. Both teams consider him to be a top player who can bring a new face to the offense. That’s why they will try to get him out of El Molinón, knowing that his contract has not yet been renewed.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. Sporting and its management are currently working on a contract extension. of the talented winger who will certainly be one of the names of the next transfer market. The offer must be convincing enough to make you stay.

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