With an irregular trajectory, Sporting has fallen into mediocrity in the League but the Copa del Rey is the tournament that has restored the illusion of its fans. After defeating Villarreal, a Champions League team and current champion of the Europa League, David Gallego’s team hopes to take another step forward in the competition because they see Cádiz as closer in potential.

All in all, the Asturian team has shown enough quality in their ranks to compete at the best level. The return of Víctor Campuzano after two months injured is the main sportinguista novelty in recent hours. Knowing the casualties of the injured Aitor García and Gaspar Campos, sick with coronavirus, David Gallego’s line-up presents unknowns because it points to novelties in all lines. The coach jealously guards his cards for a game that is expected to bring together one of the best tickets of the season at El Molinón.

Ace to follow: Djurdjevic. He will have the eyes of both teams on him. In the premises, because the goal depends on him and the visitors because they aspire to sign him.


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