Some time ago, Hardware Info and Logitech hosted a lunchtime webinar on Logitech Scribe. During this session, so many questions were asked about work-at-home equipment and meetings that we got together to host another webinar for lunch on November 24th. You can be there!

Working from home has become the norm for many people. It creates a new balance, but it also presents challenges. Where most home workplaces were previously intended for casual work, they are now prime workplaces. This raises questions: How do you ensure that you work efficiently and effectively, and how do you also help your colleagues find a good workplace?

How can you help yourself and your colleagues to have a good workplace at home?

“You are in silence!” That phrase has made it to the top 10 of the most frequent comments in many companies. Who does not recognize the situation in which colleagues manipulate cables and cannot participate in the first ten minutes of an online meeting? Those are the challenges of 2021. That was easy to solve in the office; You could quickly help your clumsy colleague by connecting the cables to his computer the right way.

Editor-in-Chief Frank Everaardt and Joost Brinkers of Logitech.

Now we find ourselves in a different situation, in which the many online meetings demand a lot from people and the team. Your digital appearance has become your business card. A beautiful image, good intelligibility, and trouble-free hardware are a must. There’s nothing more annoying than finding yourself in the middle of a meeting and it’s not working.

Some time ago, Hardware Info and Logitech hosted a lunchtime webinar on Logitech Scribe. There was so much interest in it that we will continue it on November 24, with a webinar on effective work from home. During the next session, Frank Everaardt, editor-in-chief of Hardware Info, will speak with Joost Brinkers at Logitech and ask all your questions about the technical challenges of working from home.

Among other things, we will focus on video in combination with a webcam, headphones, microphones, stands, and other equipment to enhance the experience. Do you work intensively at home and / or manage your colleagues’ computers? Then this is the webinar for you.

By participating, you have a chance to win a Logitech workplace with:

– Wireless zone headsets
– Brio
– MX Master 3
– MX keys

Would you like to participate in the Logitech and Hardware Information Lunch webinar on November 24 at 12 noon? give you then through this form upon.



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