The monitor market is overcrowded, but all brands still manage to launch displays with their own signature. A good example is ViewSonic, a brand that is well known in the rest of the world and sells many projectors in our region. In addition to focusing on the enterprise market, ViewSonic also has a keen eye for gamers. One of the brand’s newest products is the Elite XG320U – a display that should pamper demanding gamers with fast, sharp images.

Space for details

Before we leave out all the specs of this model, let’s focus on the most important features. The Elite XG320U has a 32-inch IPS panel and therefore offers an optimal overview of the gaming world in games. 32 inches is a perfect size for gaming, but it’s also attractive if your games are on the sidelines because you have to work or study. It’s not too big, and of course it’s not too small either.

32-inch, 4k, 150Hz: the main specifications of the XG320U

With monitors of this size, you will often see that the number of pixels is too low. A large format screen requires a higher resolution. ViewSonic adds to this by offering Ultra HD resolution. This 3840×2160 pixel resolution is perfect for this format. You see it with other monitors too, but they often have a limited refresh rate that’s too low for good gaming.

Fortunately, ViewSonic offers a much higher refresh rate than most of its competitors. By default, it is set to 144Hz, but you can choose to increase it to 150Hz. 4k / 150Hz – that’s down the alley for a high-end video card. However, these specifications are not only suited to PC gamers; they also make this display ideal for connecting to a modern Xbox or PlayStation.

ViewSonic sets the standard, with the ability to run the display at 150Hz.

The best image quality

Therefore, this monitor is the ideal companion for those seeking the best image quality. ViewSonic not only has a high resolution and refresh rate built in; shine is ok too. The Elite XG320U delivers 600 nits and combines it with DisplayHDR 400. This provides more than enough image quality to perfectly display all scenes in your games.

If you connect the display via DisplayPort, you can control it at 150Hz.

To present images in the best possible light, the response time of moving images has been reduced to just 1 ms. It uses the special PureXP Motion Blur Reduction technology. The Elite XG320U has HDMI 2.1 and a DisplayPort connection. If you want to use 150Hz mode, you need to connect the display through that last connection. To get the most out of it, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is also built in.

Also for professional use

ViewSonic has also ensured that the XG320U has a good color gamut. You can display 99 percent of the AdobeRGB color gamut with it. As a result, your games don’t just look natural; You can also use this screen for professional image processing tasks, whether it’s photo or video editing. The high refresh rate of this monitor ensures a calm picture. This not only means that you can play for hours, but also that one more hour with your work is not a problem.

Perfect comfort

At the bottom you will find the guides for the cables of your mouse and on the right you have the option of hanging your headphones.

The XG320U also has a number of features that provide additional convenience. For example, the mouse cable has been taken into account. Thanks to a special guide, you will never get tangled again. Also, ViewSonic has added a hook on which you can hang a headset. In this way, the manufacturer helps you keep your play area tidy. The foot allows you to adjust the height of the screen and also adjust the angle. In this way, you can be sure of being able to use it in the ergonomic and perfectly responsible position. You can also place the display on a different stand, thanks to the built-in VESA mount. A real “gamers addition” is the RGB lighting that is arranged around the VESA mount and at the bottom.


With the XG320U, ViewSonic is launching a display that is the ideal companion for owners of a high-end video card. Thanks to the large size, you have plenty of space to view games in full detail, in Ultra HD format. The excellent specifications of the high-quality IPS panel ensure that you benefit from smooth images. FreeSync Premium Pro, 150Hz and PureXP Motion Blur Reduction guarantee the highest quality visual performance. The XG320U also offers DisplayHDR400, which perfectly displays your games and movies. For professionals, this display is also a smart choice: the combination of high resolution and 99 percent AdobeRGB coverage makes it superior performance for image processors.



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