Spider-Man: The interpreter of Sandman in discussion for a return to the MCU

Sandman interpreted by Thomas HadenChurch was part of the last installment of the first Spider-Man trilogy of Tobey Maguire. Whether Spider Man 3 did not live up to expectations, and triggered a series of reboots of the spider-man, the character of Thomas HadenChurch is still very popular on screen. Marvel can count on a very strong nostalgic fanbase.

He’s a particularly tragic villain as he’s portrayed on screen, having made bad choices he’d like to atone for. On his return to Spider-Man: No Way Home, he mostly served as an ally until the final fight. Yet the actor was never present on set, appearing only as a CG creation, with a digital double added for his final transformation. That could change, however, as the actor reveals today that he sat down to the negotiating table over the return of Sandman.

Spider-Man No Way Home © Marvel Studios

Spider-Man No Way Home © Marvel Studios

Behind the scenes of DisInsider, he explains that he had discussions with Amy Pascal And Kevin Feige.

“I would say there have been conversations about the possibility of Sandman returning in a new movie. There has been talk of him returning and possibly having a more satisfying story. »

He also reveals that there were other plans for him in No Way Homewhich could be explored in a future project: “We had a whole story involving his daughter, for No Way Home. And she ended up being (cut). »

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