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Spider-Man NWH: A Major Change For Sandman?

Real bomb, the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home set the web alight last night and started creating crazy theories all over again. We also had the opportunity to realize that the Doctor Octopus, embodied by Alfred Molina, could help Peter Parker in his quest when we could think the opposite the first time. Fans were also able to receive confirmation of the return of Sandman, which many believe will be Thomas Haden Church (61 years old) who will return in the title role. Yet the Sandman of No Way Home could also be a Sandman totally new.

Doctor Strange announced: All the villains in this film have the distinction of having been killed by Spiderman. Yet the Sandman of Spider-Man in 2007 offers himself redemption by explaining himself with the Peter Parker by Tobey Maguire. In no case does the weaver face Flint Marko again after the final battle in an attempt to avenge Uncle Ben.

Two possible explanations: Either Sandman and Tobey met again in hypothetical post-Spider-Man 3 encounters where the Weaver ended up killing him, either this is a variant (as for Sylvie in Loki). In any case, we can limit ourselves to asking the same question with Electro and the Lizard. the Dr Connors was also not killed by the Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and it could then also be a variant. Who says variant says possibility of a different interpreter! But as Electro, even with its difference, is still embodied by Jamie foxx, it could really be Thomas Haden Church and Rhys Ifans in the iconic roles of these spider-man antagonists.

It is therefore very likely that these characters do not really show continuity with their old stories. But who knows, with Marvel anything is possible!

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