Spider-Man No Way Home – Theory: What if the events of the movie caused Peter to leave the MCU?

It’s no longer an open secret, Spider-Man: No Way Home clearly stirs the theories of many fans, eager to discover the new adventures of the spider-man. The first trailer promises us from the multiverse, the return of some iconic villains (Octopus by Molina, Electro by Foxx, the Green Goblin by Dafoe…) and probably keeps a lot of secrets in his wallet. What is certain in any case is that Mysterio blew up the life of Peter Parker and it seems complicated for the latter to be able to combine his secret identity with his life as a superhero, as he reproaches Dr. Strange in the first pictures.

In any case, something jumps out at us. If we pay attention to the words of Doctor Strange during the trailer, it can be very likely that the latter forgot who is Peter Parker. When the Supreme Wizard casts the spell in charge of helping the teenager, the idea seems clear:

“The whole world is about to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. “

When To fart insists that some people do not forget his identity (MJ, Ned, Aunt May), Strange answer him: “This is not how the spell works”, probably signaling that all the inhabitants of the Earth will have forgotten the identity of the weaver. Except that everyone also involves: The Avengers and Doctor Strange himself.

If the spell works, the avengers might have forgotten the identity of Spiderman, thus facilitating his ouster from the MCU to the Extended Universe Spiderman of Sony. And for good reason: At the start of 2015, Sony signed a deal with Marvel to adapt Spiderman on five films: solo films Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home as well as three appearances in big movies like Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame. The contract therefore seems to have ended even if Sony and Marvel extended the deal through the summer of 2019 for two more films. The first film of these extensions between the MCU and Sony is therefore Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, the film could well use the fate of Strange to conclude on one point: the fact that the Avengers no longer need Peter.

Moreover, the wizard could very well have also forgotten the identity of To fart, which would explain the seemingly aggressive attitude he has towards her on two scenes: The moment he uses the power of the Ancient One against Spider-Man, which appeared in Doctor Strange and then used by the Ancient One on Hulk. in Endgame, and the famous moment when he distorts train cars. Using this spell could therefore sound like an irreversible Deus Ex Machina.

spider man eye agamotto1

Sony could therefore slowly prepare to recover his character to introduce him into projects Sony in the future. We can then hope for an appearance of Tom holland in the spin-off Kraven the Hunter, in the future project Sinisters Six and even in a meeting between Peter and Eddie Brock, since Tom hardy really wish to reunite Spider-Man and Venom in the same movie. First elements of response on December 17, 2021.

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