Home Entertainment Spider-Man: No Way Home: did we just witness a major leak?

Spider-Man: No Way Home: did we just witness a major leak?

Spider-Man: No Way Home: did we just witness a major leak?

Not a single day goes by without new rumors about Spider-Man: No Way Home does not come to garnish the discussions of fans of the MCU. In a little over a month, and while the second trailer is still pending, viewers will be able to discover No Way Home in movie theaters. Sinisters Six? Venom? The three Spider-Man reunited? We talk about the majority of rumors and officializations in an analysis that is associated. But what excites Spider-Man aficionados the most is the possibility of a reunion between the three iconic Spider-Man interpreters, namely Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

Yes Tobey Maguire, the weaver under the franchise of Sam raimi is quite discreet, Andrew Garfield (Webb franchise) feels a little trapped, forced to kick in touch and then go back on his statements. As for Tom holland, he tries not to say too much, he who is known to inadvertently goof and spoil.

In any case, it seems that today, major leaks have arrived on the web. If the plausibility of the images is to be questioned, they seem realistic. The second image (Peter, Aunt May, Happy and Matthew Murdock) all the more so a previous announcement of Tom holland who had confided that his character would discuss being a superhero with a character characterized as a huge surprise, as well as his aunt and Happy. The presence of Daredevil seems logical, he who was announced with insistence in the casting despite denials.

However, we still have to wait for the second trailer and / or an official confirmation of these images!

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