Spider-Man: No Way Home: A roller coaster for the fans! Review with spoils

One of the most anticipated films of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home is the first film of Marvel cinematic universe to officially enter the multiverse. At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker became a wanted man, his identity being made public after Mysterio had the superhero accused of his own murder.

Realized by Jon watts from a scenario of Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers, No Way Home has the simultaneous responsibility of continuing to develop the personal story of Spiderman while advancing the overall storytelling of the MCU and it largely achieves that. The Geeks Lands team meets to talk about the film but watch out for spoilers!



No Way Home is a fan service roller-coaster, but not a big movie

By Mathieu:

No fan of MCU and of Spiderman can not sulk his pleasure in front of Spider-Man: No Way Home. All fan smoky theories come true: Tobey and Andrew return, as does Daredevil and surprises abound. Running on the wheel caps, No Way Home very quickly introduces the multiverse and propels us into history. The five cult villains of the saga return for our greatest pleasure. Everyone is back with the little detail that makes their difference.

Octopus is still disturbed by the loss of control of his tentacles, Norman Osborn in the same good / bad duality as during the Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 while Flint Marko (Sandman) and Curt Connors (The Lizard) don’t understand what they’re doing here. Regarding Max Dillon (Electro), the latter returns, but is no longer the looser Geek he was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The great strength of the film is that the narration of these characters seems to continue as if their respective trajectories had never known a fatal destiny. Marvel then take the opportunity No Way Home to correct everything.

Spider-Man: No Way Home lifts the hearts of millions of fans, and the whole thing perfectly hides a maddening visual poverty. Jon watts is, without a doubt, a very bad filmmaker. Rarely felt, it just does the job, but nothing to remember from the final rendering. The sets are anecdotal and poor, the shots rarely crazy (apart from the Strange / Peter fight) and some effects are too average (especially the designs of the Lizard and the Sandman) – we should also specify that Rhys Ifans and Thomas Haden Church are absent from the film and have been brought back through special effects.

New positive point: the Peter Parker of Tom holland is much better exploited and is finally gaining maturity. He finally accepts his mistakes and tries to redeem himself. He then finds himself at the foot of the wall during the cruel and difficult death of Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), which gives him a whole new perspective so that he does not hesitate to sacrifice his comfort of life for the common good. The end of No Way Home maybe a perfect ending for her Peter Parker like being the beginning of a renewal on the character.

So if No Way Home is a great movie Spiderman for the fans, a real pleasure to find all these iconic characters, the lack of audacity on the realization is a disappointment. No doubt that if Jon watts had let someone else take care of the work, we would have been even more spoiled.

Peter Parker No Way Home

Peter Parker No Way Home

By Julien:

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a true ode offered to three generations of spider-man brought to live-action over nearly a quarter of a century. The film was sold as a pure fan-service product, and that is all it was asked to be. Because if Tom holland has often found very little inspiration during his so-called solo films, this third opus takes the best of the seven films devoted to our spiders. We talked about it so often: Tobey Maguire was the best Peter Parker (not Spiderman, PETER), in the grip of perpetual doubts, the weight of an unbearable double life, faces his mistakes … A whole bunch of arguments that the Peter Parker of Tom holland could not know, entangled in an armada of superheroes of the caliber so far much more imposing.

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All this is relegated to oblivion, Tom holland delivers a performance worthy of its predecessors. His character finally has the merit of being written correctly, of weighing, assuming and suffering each of his mistakes. It actually becomes Spiderman. We regret, despite the swarm of super villains who have come back to challenge the living, that the spider Tom holland doesn’t have his personal Super Villain to contend with in this movie, either. The story remains very focused on this desire to bring together the old with the new and to please everyone, which in all cases works.

So we end up on an endless roller coaster, even though Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are not yet back, we are already won over. Marvel studios and Sony Pictures give us a recital of mythical nostalgia, apart from the X-Men of the Fox, it’s up to Spiderman of Sony that we owe such a victory of the kind in our dark rooms. This film is a challenge of gratitude, between the empire of MCU and his master to whom he owes so much.

Doctor Octopus Electro Goblin Green Spider Man No Way Home

Doctor Octopus Electro Goblin Green Spider Man No Way Home

We thus have the vile pleasure of seeing all our antagonists of yesteryear regain the part of them that they lost in their original line. the Green boffoon of Willem Dafoe is therefore treated with all honor. Torn by his demons, to the conquest of a redemption. Defeated after having created this new one from scratch Spiderman in the person of Tom Holland, however, he is cured. The universe and the multiverse must have a Norman Osborn !

Majestic correction, version 2. O, Electro finally looks like something. All intimate in the most natural way possible, like a continuation for a franchise that has finally never ceased to be. Each profile is taken to be refined. We revel in the winks, like Tobey Maguire who thinks to see again the New Jester (Harry Osborn, James Franco), and the final sequence. The arrival of Tom holland in his shabby apartment, the landlord and his rent, and this 4G radio on smartphone. Hat, hat Sony,hat Marvel Studios.

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