Spider-Man: Jake Gyllenhaal was very “nervous” playing Mysterio

In addition, a versatile and talented actor, Jake gyllenhaal has appeared in many films from completely different horizons (from films by authors like Prisoners, Enemy, Stronger, The Sisters Brothers) to Blockbusters (Everest, Source Code) through the films that have earned him great praise from the world of cinema (Belly Rage, Demolition, The Guilty). It happened in 2019 in Spider-Man: Far From Home and in the hyper closed world of the MCU where he played the character of Mysterio. At first very ambiguous in the relationship he had with Peter Parker, Mysterio turned out to return to his natural inclinations since this one was a former employee of the special effects of Tony stark hyper frustrated and in search of recognition.

He is “dead” at the end of the feature film where he is responsible for revealing the identity of Peter Parker to the whole world, leading to the events narrated in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, on film sets, Gyllenhaal was not really 100% serene despite his huge career, as he explains during the Howard Stern Show :

“The first day of filming, I remember I couldn’t remember my replicas (…) I was the keystone and they were like “oula”. I turned to Tom Holland and asked him to help me. He said to me: “everything is fine, relax”. (…) I finally managed to find [mes esprits], but I put a lot of pressure on myself [sur Far From Home] because I love [l’univers Marvel]. It’s like trying to get on a moving train. On my projects, I am usually involved very early on, I have a role to play in the way everything is organized. But there, I had to arrive in this space where everything works differently. “

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The actor and his character could potentially reappear in the MCU even though his death was featured in the last film. Response in any case from December 17, 2021!

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