Spider-Man 4: An iconic super-villain wants to re-enlist

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a monstrous success for disney and the only post-covid-19 pandemic film to literally bring people back to the cinema. With $1.9 billion in worldwide revenue, the film owes its success essentially to its content, loaded with fan service. In addition to orchestrating the return of iconic villains from the franchises of Sam Raimi (Octopus, Sandman, Green Goblin) and of Mark Webb (Electro, Lizard)the Blockbuster of Jon Watts gave pride of place to the return ofAndrew Garfield and of Tobey Maguire, the ancient interpreters of the weaver. The film kicked off the multiversal arc of the mcupursued with more or less success (A nice Doctor Strange 2 but an awful Ant-Man 3).

No Way Home then threw a cloud over the continuation of the adventures of Peter Parker within the firm with the big ears. Without surprises, there should be a new trilogy initiated with or without Jon Wattswhere the adventures of Spiderman should almost start from scratch if we stick to the climax of No Way Home. Who says new trilogy says new characters… But one of the villains of the last opus seems determined to put on the costume again. Indeed, it is Willem Dafoewho again played a Norman Osborn brilliant and unpredictable, the one who wants to make his comeback as he announced to the magazine Reverse :

The Green Goblin Spider-Man © Sony Pictures
The Green Goblin Spider-Man © Sony Pictures

“If all goes well, of course. I mean, it’s a great role. I really liked the fact that it was, each time, a double performance. Twenty years ago, like just recently, the two times were very different experiences, but I had a great time on both. »

The extraordinary actor is always someone motivated by all the roles he takes on. During the mirror scene in the first Spidermaniconic for many, he even wished to read the book of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to inspire his performance. A request for return which however has little chance of succeeding. Indeed, if a return for the grand ball of the Secret Wars is not yet to be excluded, we can clearly see Marvel look for a new one Norman Osborn for the upcoming new trilogy.

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