Spider-Man 3: Sam Raimi admits his film was 'terrible'

Spider Man 3the latest installment in the franchise Sam Raimi with Tobey Maguire in the title role, will air tonight on TFX. After two critically acclaimed first works Sam Raimi And Tobey Maguire have accumulated Spider Man 3 In 2007. I want to become bigger and stronger, Sony has pulled out all the stops by giving us the trivia of three villains in a single work: The Green Goblin, Poison And The Sandman. A bunch of interconnected subplots that did little to engage viewers. Many recognize that it is the worst film in the trilogy Sam Raimi despite his $894 million in sales at the worldwide box office. A snub that will have marked the end of a potential Spider Man 4 with the same casting, which led to the reboot The amazingwith Andrew Garfield (2012).

The canceled plot of this fourth film was even leaked shortly after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Homewhich saw the remarkable return of Tobey in his previous role as Peter Parker. In recent news, Sony so it was still hot Sam Raimi added, but there would have been deep artistic differences of opinion. Where the filmmaker is behind it Doctor Strange 2 wanted a film that focused on the psychology of Fart with the vulture (John Malkovich) as a big villain, Sony desired Curt Connors the lizard – as a big villain. Even if it could have been repeated Spider Man 2 by the drive of another “ Villain/mentor ” from Fart in the starting blocks.

Tobey Maguire Spider Man Sony Pictures
Tobey Maguire Spider Man Sony Pictures

We know the rest of the story. Two films The Amazing Spider-Man “where the diptych was not continued due to the fiasco of” Fate of a hero ” In 2014. Disney then resumed a partnership with Sony to drive Tom Holland in a more recent reinterpretation of the weaver, within his MCU. But Spider-Man: No Way Homemultiversal crossover with others Spider-Mancame to revive the debate about a third film adaptation Marc Webb and a fourth film by Sam Raimi.

In an article by First, Sam Raimi agrees that his Spider-Man is missed in its great generosity and even goes so far as to restrict it” terrible »:

“It's a film that doesn't work very well; he recognized in a podcast from the Nerdist site, early 2015. I tried but I didn't believe much in the characters and fans of it Spider-Man noticed it. If the director doesn't like the movie, he's wrong for trying to make it when so many other people love it…”

He added: “I should have just developed the characters and their relationships gradually rather than trying to set the bar very high…” by finally qualifying his film of “terrible”. What do you think of the statements from? Sam Raimi ?

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