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Special Strawberry Moon 2024: Why June’s Full Moon Stands Out

Why the June full moon (strawberry moon) is so special in 2024

That’s almost a universal truth: full moons have special names. It’s something that many stargazers know and appreciate. And the good news is that we can enjoy at least one full moon every month, although the visibility can vary depending on several factors.

The full moon in June 2024 has some unique characteristics. It’s the first full moon of the summer, which begins just a couple of days before with the Summer Solstice. This full moon is also known as the “strawberry moon”. It doesn’t get this name because of its color, although it may appear pinkish, but for another reason that we’ll explain later.

This full moon is special for several reasons. For the first time since 1985, the moon will reach its maximum brightness just after the solstice. Additionally, the full strawberry moon will be very low on the horizon, which has implications for our view of it. This occurs when the sun is at its highest point, causing an effect known as the “moon illusion”, which makes the full moon appear much larger than normal.

However, all the circumstances surrounding this full moon can make it practically invisible from some points. For example, from the capital of Iceland, it’s possible that the full strawberry moon won’t rise above the horizon, and in Reykjavik, you may not be able to see the full moon at all in June.

Although the full moon is the brightest phase of the satellite, this month it rises so low that the air on the horizon can dim its light, giving it an orange, reddish, or pink color. Its position towards the south can also make a night with a clear full moon look like a dark night without a moon.

The full moon in June will be in its brightest phase on Friday night, June 21, and will appear in front of the sun around 3:08 am on Saturday. You can enjoy the full strawberry moon for several days, until Sunday morning when it will begin to change phase and position.

This full moon is known as the “strawberry moon” because it coincides with the strawberry harvest season in the northeastern United States, a relatively short season. Although the full moon in June has many other names, including the full moon of flowers, plantation full moon, hot full moon, full honey or mead moon, and full rose moon.

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