The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants have come to a very special stage with their decisive game tonight. They have played a series of 5-3, both have won two games and today’s meeting will cause one of them to go home, to make plans for 2022.

It is something unprecedented that had not happened before, because apart from the fact that they are from the same division (the West, National League), the two were the most winners of the MLB regular season. The Giants with 107 wins, the Dodgers 106.

Mexican lefty Julio Urías will pitch for the Dodgers. He is coming off his best season as the sole 20-game winner in the majors in 2021. He was 20-3 and 2.96 with 185 strikeouts. He pitched the second game of this series in 5 innings and was the winning pitcher.

For the Giants it will be the right Logan Webb, 24 years old and 3 years of experience. He surprised with 11-3 and 3.03 plus 158 strikeouts in 148 innings.

The winner will face the Atlanta Braves in the series for the league title, which should start this Saturday 16. If the Giants win, the first venue will be in San Francisco (division winner and best record), but if the Dodgers will start in Atlanta, winner of the East Division. Be careful: the rule says that no wild card team is favored with the venue. Who are you going to?

THE PHENOMENON: Tampa Bay is gone, so let’s take a look at the Dominican players in that franchise.

WANDER FRANCO: He made an impact this year in the Major Leagues, not only with his 20 years, but also with his great game. He even tied an all-time record with 43 straight games reaching base (the tie is with Frank Robinson, Hall of Fame). Franco had 281 at-bats, his average was .288 with 7 homers plus 39 RBIs, which is a lot for the number of at-bats. He also added 18 doubles and 5 triples, an OBP of .347 and a .463 slugging. He was in the minors since 2018 when he was signed by Tampa for more than $ 3 million. He has a world ahead of him and he is part of the group of new Dominican stars. Who doubts it? They call him The Phenomenon.

FROM MLB: The three divisional series that have ended had an equal result of 3-1, that is, 3 victories against one defeat. Houston beat the White Sox, Boston beat Tampa and Atlanta beat Milwaukee. None were extended to 5 and that is why yesterday, Wednesday, there was no activity. The first series for the league title, at 7-4, begins this Friday, Boston visiting Houston at 8 PM. The other, Atlanta with the Giants or Dodgers, will start on Saturday. The “Qualified Offer” that teams will be able to make for their free agents this winter has already been defined. The sum is US $ 18.4 million and the decision will be for each club among their front-line free agents. It is half a million less than last year. How do you calculate that, where does that figure come from? An average is established taking as a premise the 125 best salaries of the previous year, in this case 2021. From there, the raffle opens. The players have a limit of days to give an answer and if it is negative they will be able to go to the market. Is that understood?

FROM LIDOM: Last night I was witnessing Lidom’s act at the Hard Rock Café, in the Blue Mall in Santo Domingo. A well attended event, focused on two basic points: 1st. The dedication of the next tournament to Kalil Haché, who passed away last year. His relatives were present, led by his daughter Maribel and her husband Aristides Fernández Zucco (El Chato). 2nd. The delivery of the Banreservas Cup, with a speech delivered by its administrator Samuel Pereyra Rojas. It was a very crowded event, including the presidents of almost all the teams or a representative … There were also many members of the celebrity who, it seems to me, are incorporated into the bank’s promotions on the networks. I am referring to the famous Nashla Bogaert, Aquiles Correa, El Boli, El Naguero, Dr. Nastra, Raeldo López, Abel Mena, and others … Also many guys from the press … Dr. Vitelio Mejía, president of Lidom laughed “with the tooth behind.”




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