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Special plan for Fernando

Special plan for Fernando

Ferdinand Reges faces for the moment the one that can be your last year of contract with Seville. But the Brazilian midfielder wants to stay in nerviondespite the proposals economically important that come to you from your country and, above all, from Saudi Arabia. His agent has already spoken with Sevilla to let him know that the footballer’s wish is continue beyond 2024.

At 36, on the way to 37 already, the Octopus needs dose and the one who knows best that matter it’s jose louis mendilibar. The Basque does not want to lose it. Speaking to Ace, Mendi He reveals that he has a plan for him: “Fernando is old and he knows it. He still can’t play three games a week, and there are people who say that if he doesn’t do that he can’t be at Sevilla. How not? Yeah Fernando makes 25 good games, that’s a lot of points. And for that to happen coaching staff No has to pile him up the encounters”.

A mononucleosis prevented than the pivot will act last year during good part from the first mid campaign. And then he suffered sanction of four parties in the League, which had him playing above all in the Europa League, luckily for a Sevilla who thanked him and ended up lifting their seventh title. Therefore, it was the physical problems and the sanctions that ‘dose’ the one who has been a footballer groundedhe in the Seville of the last four years.

Asked a few days ago on 101TV, himself Ferdinand let clear that your first intention is continue in Nervión: “Of course. Lots of things always come out. Last year, we finished very well and this can happen with the players. In football, we are here now, but tomorrow we don’t know if we will be there. I have one more year of contract, I’m very happy and my family is very happy here”.

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