Spawn: Blumhouse reboot gets an encouraging update

The reboot of spawn in the cinema is probably one of the films that we will wait for a good part of our lives. Its creator, Todd McFarlane, should oversee the new project currently without a release date. After having long gone in search of a producer, this one seems to have been found in my person of Jason Bluma specialist in micro-budget horror films whose politics could fit perfectly with a very dark adaptation of spawn.

Several renowned actors have even been associated with the project such as Jamie Foxx And Jeremy Renner. On the other hand, the presence of these two actors could be compromised because of their respective states of health. Jamie Foxx would still be hospitalized while Jeremy Renner continues to be in full recovery following his serious snowplow accident. Jason Blum revealed to the current state of the return of the anti-hero of McFarlane on the big screen. Blum revealed that while the story was still carefully kept under lock and key, spawn is in active development with a possible release in 2025 if all signals are green. However, the scriptwriters’ strike WGA could have a lasting impact on the feature film since the script still does not seem to be written.

“I would say you have a lot to look forward to because it’s in very, very active development.What needs to happen is my friends the writers and the studios need to understandtheir differences and get back to writing, but we have a large group of people who put it together,and hopefully this movie – my prediction is maybe we’ll see a Spawn movie in 25.No promises, but that’s my prediction.”

So let’s bet that this prediction is finally the right one.

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