Sparks fly at Ferrari after Carlos Sainz’s strange problem at Zandvoort

Carlos Sainz wants to continue demonstrating conditions with Ferrari and little by little he has shown a good performance, yes, there were problems to solve from the race in Zandvoort. Let’s remember that in this competition, the Madrilenian finished in seventh position, after starting sixth on the grid. Many questions were left in the pilot.

And the fact is that the Spanish had certain problems last Sunday to get the most out of his car, something that was not well received. He was overtaken by Fernando Alonso and in addition, he had to deal with the impressive comeback he was making Czech Pérez. Without a doubt, the Ferrari was in trouble.

The Spanish pilot even acknowledged that the race went from being on the attack to being seen in the rear-view mirrors in an unexpected way. Faced with this situation, he has expressly asked Ferrari to carry out a complete review and analysis of the car, since it had never felt that way.

Precisely, Mattia Binotto, head of the ‘Prancing Horse’ has been in charge of talking about this fact and has cleared doubts. The Italian has referred to the performance of Carlos Sainz in Zandvoort and confirmed that since Maranello they have been working on the revision of the car and discovered something that did not allow the good performance of the Madrid.

It turned out to be something that had already been determined previously, which had to do with tire management issues. This was a mess that the Ferrari team had at the beginning of the year and that cost them in the French Grand Prix and that it was presumed, they were resolved after the race at Silverstone.

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Now it is expected that Carlos Sainz can have an important performance in the Italian Grand Prix, which will be held at the legendary Monza. Those from Maranello want to continue adding units and thus become strong in the Constructors’ Championship. Without a doubt, it will be a race full of emotions.

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