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Spanish Sports Directors’ Association Elects New Board

The Association of Spanish Sports Directors appoints a new Board of Directors

Spanish sports directors have a new leadership in place, with Queco Huerta, President of the Association of Spanish Sports Directors, announcing the new Board of Directors. This marks a historic moment for the institution, as it has been mandated to have a 20% representation of women on the board, prioritizing equality policies.

The new board consists of 10 individuals, with 2 women and 8 men, who will work together to steer the organization forward.

The ADDE Board of Directors

  • Queco Huerta, President
  • María de Gador Vargas Galeote, Deputy Vice President
  • José Javier Zubillaga Martínez, Secretary General
  • Francisco Vicente Zaragoza Cerezo, Vice President
  • Julio Alberto Moreno Casas, Member
  • Antonio Hidalgo De Carlos, Member
  • Alicia Rodríguez Hernández, Member
  • Roberto Ricobaldi Molina, Member
  • Francisco Javier Rodríguez Vidales, Member
  • Antonio Feijóo González, Treasurer

The Notice

The ADDE is committed to a transparent and fair process, recognizing the importance of its founding values and principles in its new stage.

The Association has acknowledged the need for structural changes and has taken steps to implement them, citing the need for renewal following recent events.

The new board is expected to prioritize professionalism, justice, and transparency in its decision-making, with the goal of further progressing the organization and achieving its objectives.

The Association encourages its members to join this new phase of growth and development, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared enthusiasm in driving progress forward.

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