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It was a anecdote of those that attract attention: Real Madrid, on January 7, he played without Spaniards in his eleven for the first time. It had never happened in 4,435 games; which are not few. But as for everything there is a first time, in the 4,436… Ancelotti put together a team full of foreign. He brought out his best -for that afternoon- and the event was confirmed. Mirror, in the end, of a club that in the last five years has been losing national weight: in 2018 it had 13 Spaniards on the squad and from there, downhill, with 8, 7, 8 and 8, respectively. A downward trend that has been ascending, for example, in the Brazilian presence. The flags matter little when the soccer flag is waving.

Which does not mean that, as a consequence of a very national transfer market, Real Madrid is about to have ten Spaniards on the squad again this season, something that has not happened for five years. Everything has been enhanced with the arrival of fran garciaBrahim and Joselu, of which two have just been called -even- for the Selection, proclaiming themselves champions of the Nations League. With them, Real Madrid currently reaches the nine spanish on staff, adding Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez, Odriozola, Nacho, Vallejo and Ceballos. To one of the ten.

Odriozola dilemma

Although this one falters with Odriozola: the footballer will come out yes or yes this summer, so it is expected that the figure will move away from the gold of the two digits. Your situation is translucent: Ancelotti has informed him that he does not have him (Carvajal is the starter, Lucas Vázquez the substitute and as the third sprinter, Nacho would be before him) and it is Odriozola himself who understands -and transmits- that in your situation, it is best to leave. It is not banal: Vallejo, in an identical scenario, maintains that he is happy at Real Madrid and wants to stay. The San Sebastian not; he has confirmed that he will row in favor and is awaiting offers. Real Sociedad, Athletic and Juventus, among the candidates.

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Spaniards at Real Madrid
Lucas Vazquez
fran garcia

His output would reduce by eight the Spaniards, which would leave the operation in the hands of a promotion from Castilla (Álvaro Rodríguez, Arribas, Nico Paz… they are players born in Spain) or in which the possible signing of the nine is also national, which at the moment is seems more than unlikely. Anecdote aside, the truth is that Real Madrid, in the last two decades, has averaged 11 Spaniards on the squad, so beyond the fact that the latest events are paddling in favor of that cause, it is still far from past years. The lowest peak occurred in the 2020-21when there were only seven: Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez, Odriozola, Sergio Ramos, Nacho, Isco and Asensio.

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