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Spanish Muay Thai dresses up

Spanish Muay Thai dresses up

He Muay Thai o Art of the 8 Extremities is the national sport of Thailand, an ancient martial art that has been gaining followers in all parts of the world, and Spain is no exception. Every day there are more practitioners and fans of this art that has become a sport and, of course, the Spanish presence in the great events of the world has grown significantly.

And at the level of learning and training, Bang Rajan Events, a young Spanish promoter, year after year places a thumbtack on the world map that makes highlight Madrid as a privileged city in the world for the quality of its events. “Despite being a minority sport, the best wrestlers in all of history have already come home,” Carlos Sánchez Gutiérrez, General Director of Bang Rajan Events and head of the event, proudly states.

Saturday October 28 at the Mad Sport Academy facilities has been the date chosen for another day of magic. Somrak Khamsing together with Karuhat Sor Supawan, will be chosen for this unique function in Spain. But that’s not all, the attendees will have that same day to train with their idols in a specific training workshop on “Muayplam, The Art of Clinch”, by the great Spanish master Mario Vega del Rosario, making a full day for the attendees who They will gather from all over Spain, including Portugal and England.

“Presenting the event, in short, is really complicated because of what these Muaythai monstrosities represent,” says Sánchez, adding: “Somrak has the status of National Hero of Thailand. is the first Olympic medal in history from a country that lives and dreams of sport, a fighter who between Boxing and Muaythai has had almost 500 fights, in addition to having been Number 1 of the most famous and prestigious stadium in the world “Lumpini” without having disputed the belt because the organization did not he had a rival of his level, to give you an idea, Somrak was Saenchai’s mentor, considered the GOAT For this generation, for many Muaythai connoisseurs, Somrak is the most intelligent fighter that this sport has produced”.

On the other hand, Karuhat Sister Supawan He is not far behind, already citing the famous Lumpini stadium of which Somrak was number 1 there. Karuhat took over three-time title In addition, this achievement was achieved at a time considered the golden age of Muaythai, earning him the nickname “Yodsiam, The Last Grand Master” “Karuhat is pure cunning, he faced the best of the best of a huge generation. He imagines that you did a ranking and you had to choose the best kicker, the best elbow, the best clinch, the best knee… Almost a Muaythai weapon fighter, well Karuhat faced everyone and nullified them with her intelligence., always underweight because he was tiny, but his cunning, his intelligence, his reading of combat took him to galactic levels. Karuhat and Somrak are true geniuses, it’s not normal to see them together.”

An initiative with great support

The visit of two Muaythai legends directly from Thailand does not leave the high Thai authorities in Spain indifferent, who have confirmed their full support for this initiative that promotes culture and sport. Senior officials, both from the Royal Thai Embassy and the DITP, will be present at the meeting, as well as the most important federations in the world. The WBC will certify the workshop that is part of the event to the delight of the attendees. The presence of the prominent French artist Laurene Fernandez is also confirmed, presenting one of her new works of art thought of Muaythai. A work for a very special tribute that the organization does not wish to reveal yet, and is part of the package of surprises that they are preparing for this day.

“Gentlemen, the train of life goes by fast. In just a few years, we have brought the best of Muaythai history to Madrid, to your home. Each opportunity has been a dream come true and an opportunity for me to learn and improve. Today we bring you the best of all our experiences together. I invite you to experience this with us. We never know when it will be the last time, that’s why we make an effort as if each one were. We are waiting for you: Bang Rajan Events is your home”, says Carlos Sánchez. Tickets are now available, you can purchase them through Bang Rajan Events social networks.

Carlos Sánchez Gutiérrez, director of Bang Rajan Events, together with HE Mr. Vosita Vorasaph, Ambassador of Thailand in Spain, and senior officials from collaborating companies in a meeting at the Ambassador’s residence.Bang Rajan Events

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