Home Business Spanish media sues Meta for unfair competition

Spanish media sues Meta for unfair competition

Spanish media sues Meta for unfair competition

The Information Media Association (AMI)which represents 83 Spanish media companies, has filed a lawsuit against Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, for unfair competition They are demanding more than 550 million euros. The association accuses the company of: a Systematic and massive violation of European data protection regulations from May 25, 2018 until at least July 31, 2023.

In a statement, AMI claims that Meta has repeatedly breached Community data protection rulesThis ignores the regulatory requirement that citizens must consent to the use of their data for the creation of advertising profiles, as can be seen from the various decisions of the European authorities responsible for this.

The media points this out in their lawsuit Meta’s behavior means that 100% of the tech giant’s revenue from segmented advertising sales was obtained improperly.. «The systematic and massive use of personal data of meta-platform users, tracked throughout their digital browsing without their consent, would have allowed the company to offer the sale of advertising space on the market based on an unlawfully obtained competitive advantage.“, they claim.

Jose Joly, President of AMIunderlines the importance of this action «without precedent“, The “shows how the company has built its dominant position in the advertising market by ignoring the rules protecting the fundamental right to privacy of European citizens and causing obvious damage to the Spanish media, even threatening its sustainability«. In this sense, José Joly emphasizes that “Behaviors like those developed by Meta threaten the survival of the media, which is fundamental to the democratic quality of a country.«.

The President of AMI emphasizes that, according to data recently published by the Ministry of Economy, “Media is the second most digitized sector of the Spanish economy, surpassed only by the technology companies themselves.«. «This data certifies that the media are at the forefront of digitalization in Spain and that their constant innovation and investment efforts allow them to achieve an outstanding positioning in the digital field, although this is prevented by the dominance of the major platforms in the digital ecosystem fair monetization«he emphasizes.

AMI calls on advertisers in the public and private sectors to entrust their advertising campaigns to the media «safe, reliable and responsible, respects the rights of citizens and is committed to promoting the democratic quality of Spain, all in line with its social responsibility policy«.

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