Spanish Football Clubs That Owe Money to Players: A List of 17 Outstanding Payments

Spanish Football Clubs in Financial Crisis: 17 Teams Owe Players Unpaid Salaries

As many as 17 clubs in the Spanish national football league have failed to pay their players the total amount of money they are owed, according to a list published by the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE).

The AFE released the list after the deadlines set by the mixed commissions AFE-1st Federation, AFE-2nd Federation, and AFE-3rd Federation, corresponding to the 2023/2024 season, had expired. The list reveals the clubs that have not made the total payments established by the contracts with their players.

Second Federation Defaulters

  • Mar Menor CF
  • CD Ursaria
  • Velez CF

Third Federation Defaulters

  • CD Algar
  • Ayamonte CF
  • CD Steel
  • CF Gandia
  • UD Gran Tarajal
  • Haro Sports Club
  • CD La Cuadra Union-Port
  • CD Llosetse
  • El Ejido Sports Centre
  • Racing Murcia FC
  • Racing Rioja CF
  • EU Rapitenca
  • AD San Clemente
  • CD Torrijos

The joint committees have informed the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which will implement the measures outlined in its General Regulations. Clubs in the Third Federation that have not paid their debts will have their federative rights suspended and will be unable to process licenses until they settle their outstanding payments. If clubs in the First and Second Federations fail to pay their debts, they will be relegated to a lower category. The increase in defaulters in the Third Federation is a worrying trend for the AFE.

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