Spanish companies plan to increase their investments in the DR

Dominican Republic is among the first three countries of 19 Ibero-American nations with the highest economic performance and where Spanish companies will increase their investments in 2023, according to data from the fifteenth Report Panorama of Spanish Investment in Latin America, developed by IE University, Auxadi, the firm LLYC (Llorente and Cuenca) and Iberia.

The report, presented at Casa de América, in Madrid, Spain, reveals that even with a difficult global environment and the challenges of a complicated social and political climate in some countries of the Ibero-American region, a 76% of the 108 Spanish companies surveyed stated that they will increase their investments and the remaining 24% that they will maintain them.  

The Dominican Republic, according to the report, occupies the eighth place where there are more Spanish companies operating in sectors of commerce, exports and others, surpassing all the Central American countries that are members of the free trade agreement with the United States (DR-Cafta).

The first place is occupied by Mexico, followed by Colombia. Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador and then the Dominican Republic. By behind the DR are Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Panama, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay Cuba.

The companies surveyed indicated, on a scale of zero to four, that the countries with the best economic performance in 2023 are Panama, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic, the latter seen on a scale of 3.48.

These are followed by Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina and Cuba.

The 108 Spanish companies that participated in the report have investments in Latin America, and 31 of these are listed on the stock market.

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