Spanish Basketball’s Stellar Pair: Andrés Feliz & Gracia Alonso

Happy Andrew, Dominican exterior of the Joventut de Badalona, and Gracia Alonso de Armiño power forward for Movistar Estudiantes and member of the Spanish 3×3 team, will receive a well-deserved award at the V Spanish Basketball Gala, led by the Spanish Basketball Federation and MARCA, for two works of art. They won, after the vote carried out by MARCA users, in the best plays of the year in Spanish basketball and left their mark with shots that were much more than that.

Gracia Alonso’s BasketMovistar

The shot by Feliz, one of the best outside players in the Endesa League, from beyond the center of the field that marked the victory of his Joventut de Badalona over Surne Bilbao, took 44% of the votes, beating Sergio Llull and Ricky Rubio to achieve the prize.

The shot by Gracia Alonso de Armiño is truly brilliant. Spain entered the Paris Olympic Games after a shot from behind and without time from the Basque player. She entered and the national 3×3 will debut in an Olympic event. He takes the 58% of the votes and defeats Mariona Ortiz and Queralt Casas.

The baskets of Feliz and Alonso de Armiño enter a collection of authentic wonders awarded at the Basketball Gala. They take the witness of that winning shot by Sergio Llull in the Euro league against Olympiacos and the work of magic by Leo Rodríguez against Germany in the EuroBasket.

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