Spain’s Classic Euro Cup Win: Míchel’s Masterclass

The memorable start of the Spanish Soccer Team during the 2024 Euro Cup has brought back fond memories, although not entirely related to the beautiful game as we know it. It’s curious that only a few veterans may recall what I’m referring to, as not everyone was fortunate enough to experience Míchel Fútbol Master + Superskills.

To be honest, even I had forgotten about it until one of our readers mentioned it. He was correct in noting that we had missed an opportunity to discuss the history of the Euro Cup in video games. Today, I’m here to correct that mistake. So, what was Míchel Fútbol Master + Superskills? Roughly, it was a sports simulator set in the 1988 Euro Cup.

Míchel Fútbol Master + Superskills

The game was developed by Dinamic and released in 1989. Its main protagonist is none other than Míchel. Unfortunately, that year didn’t go well for us, as we didn’t even manage to advance beyond the group stage. Back then, the tournament was much different. There were only group stages, semi-finals, and finals, with teams like West Germany and the Soviet Union participating.

Can you imagine something similar today? It would be quite intriguing, actually. What interests us here is Míchel’s game. In this, we had two modes of play: training and matches. The first were training exercises, while the second simulated matches between different European teams.

Technically speaking, it was quite simple: we had a small screen showing the football field from a bird’s eye view while trying to control the ball. Modest by today’s standards, but it wasn’t bad at the time, and it did a good job of representing consoles like the Spectrum. It also came out on Amstrad, MSX, and PC DOS, but it was on the Spectrum where it stood out the most.

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The most remarkable aspect of the game is that it was an entirely Spanish creation. It was developed on the peninsula and featured all Spanish members involved in its production. It was a benchmark simulator in Spain during its time, becoming a favorite among many children and adults. Despite being over 35 years old, it still holds up relatively well, with features such as camera control, shooting power adjustment, and haggling.

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