Spain will meet its rivals in the Windows of the 2023 World Cup

The National Team will meet today at Mies (from 12:00 on the FIBA ​​YouTube channel) his way to the 2023 World Cup, which will be played in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia jointly. Although Spain is the current champion, it does not have a guaranteed place. Yes, Japan and the Philippines have it as organizers; Indonesia will have to be among the eight best in the Asiabasket to guarantee a World Cup ticket.

FIBA has divided the 32 European teams into eight groups according to their ranking. Spain, along with France, Slovenia and Serbia, will be in pot one and their rivals will come out of four (Croatia, Montenegro, Latvia and Ukraine), the five (Finland, Georgia, Belgium and Hungary) and eight (Macedonia, Sweden, Portugal and Slovakia).

The classification format remains: a total of six Windows will be played (between November 2021 and February 2023) with two parties in each of them. In the first three, the National Team will face the rivals determined by this Tuesday’s draw. The first three go to the next round, where they carry the results and they will get together with the three teams from another group. Twelve teams will go to the World Cup in total, the best three from each of the groups.

As it happened in previous Windows, there will be no NBA or Euroleague players in the Windows during club season, although Scariolo may count on some reinforcement. This is the case of Víctor Claver, which has changed Barcelona for Valencia, or Ilimane Diop, now at the Herbalife Gran Canaria. Although, in principle, the calls will not change much with respect to those of previous Windows (Darío Brizuela, Xabi López-Arostegui, Jaime Fernández, Rubén Guerrero, Sebas Saiz …).

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The 32 European teams in the Windows

Pot 1: Spain, France, Slovenia and Serbia

Pot 2: Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Germany

Pot 3: Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Turkey

Pot 4: Croatia, Montenegro, Latvia and Ukraine

Pot 5: Finland, Georgia, Belgium and Hungary

Pot 6: Great Britain, Israel, Bosnia and the Netherlands

Pot 7: Iceland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Belarus

Pot 8: Macedonia, Sweden, Portugal and Slovakia

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