Home Sports Spain will host the pre-Olympic Hockey tournament for Paris 2024

Spain will host the pre-Olympic Hockey tournament for Paris 2024

Spain will host the pre-Olympic Hockey tournament for Paris 2024

Valencia will host the pre-olympic hockey tournamentwhich will grant 3 places for Paris 2024. From January 13 to 21, it will be held at the facilities of the Virgen del Carmen Beteró Sports Centerthe pre-Olympic tournament in both the male and female categories.

In addition to France, already classified for being the host of the Olympic Games, the other teams that will participate in the Olympics will come from the winners of each intercontinental championship (African Hockey Road to Paris, Pan American Games, Asian Games, EuroHockey Championship and Oceania Cup). The rest of the teams that do not win their respective continental competitions will face each other in the pre-Olympic qualifying tournament to be played in Spain, China and Pakistan.

As happened in Beijing 2008, there will be 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams in the 2024 Olympics.

Each tournament will consist of 8 teams and the entry fees are as follows:

Women’s FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers

Africa: 0

Asian: 4

Europe: 8

Oceania: 1

Pan American: 3

Men’s FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers

Africa: 1

Asian: 5

Europe: 7

Oceania: 1

Pan American: 2

What does Spain have to do to participate in Paris 2024?

Both the men’s and women’s teams have the same path to be able to participate in the 2024 Olympics. The fastest path is to win the European Championshipwhich gives direct access to a square for Paris.

The women’s team will begin their journey in the tournament held in Mönchengladbach on August 19, while the men’s team will do so a day later, also in the German city.

If they do not win the championship, both teams will be able to access the Games by the longest route, which would be achieving one of the 3 places awarded by the pre-Olympic tournament. By hosting the tournament, Spain is guaranteed its presence in the championship, a plus in favor of the national team.

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