On the second day a stellar match arrives Group E at the headquarters of Bratislava, the Spain-Sweden, two outstanding in the past Olympic Games, that in this afternoon’s stake (8:30 p.m., Teledeporte) not only two points are at stake to theoretically ensure their pass to the second phase, but rather look further afield: victory is a boost to get closer to the decisive fight in Budapest, even if there are still many points at stake.

The curious thing is that while Spain is concerned with improving its image from the first day, against the Czech Republic, in the Swedish ranks the idea is to collect revenge for a decade of defeats in this match because the Spanish are a kind of black beast for the Scandinavians: the last time the Swedes won was in 2009, and since then they have lost 14 games (the streak started in 2011 in the fight for bronze in the Swedish World Cup that Spain won 24 -23), with a balance now favorable to Spain with 31 wins, one draw and 26 losses. Sweden is the only team with three Europeans in a row; Spain, with two, could equal him in this championship.

Max Darj, who next season will occupy the place of Viran Morros in Berlin, is clear that this match “it is the unique opportunity to get a rematch for once”, because He remembers the fight to reach the semifinals in Tokyo, which after winning much of the match, fell to Spain 34-33. “The Spaniards are hardly talked about, but they are always there, stealthy, with their block play, with a spectacular two against two, and with two consecutive titles. They are very good”, commented in the press of his country one of the bastions of the Swedish defense.

Jordi Ribera, for his part, highlights the consolidation of the Swedish team “with youngsters and veterans, a solid block”. And the Spanish coach is concerned about the attack of his own: “We have to improve our offensive efficiency, because we can’t miss as many easy chances as we did on the first day, without taking away the Czech goalkeeper’s merits”.

In the intrahistory of the match is the confrontation between the left wingers of the two teams: the Cantabrian Ángel Fernández is at Barça with a one-year contract, because in June his place will go to the Swedish Hampus Wanne, who happens to be one of the most talented definers in world handball. These things are not talked about openly, but they are latent. Fernandez said yesterday that “There are options to beat Sweden in this transcendental match for what it means for the second round”, and the keys of the Astillero international are simple: “Our option is to start from a good defense, get clear situations, and be effective in attack”. Everyone in Hispanics is aware of what needs to be improved.


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