Spain, third in Australia, dreams of the SailGP Grand Final

Spain continues to take giant steps in SailGP and shows that it does not want to end its campaign yet. This Saturday, at the Australian Grand Prix, He played his third final of the season, after those of Taranto (Italy) and Saint-Tropez (France), and ended with a good feeling. Of course, winning the title in Sydney was impossible because it was surpassed by Australia, champion, and the United States, second. “We return home with the objective accomplished. Although we know that we have many hours of work left, what we take with us is learning and experience,” explained Florian Trittel, wing trimmer for the Spanish team.

Without a doubt, the F50 Victoria leaves Australia strengthened and, thanks to its good performance, with still mathematical options to qualify for the Grand Final of the SailGP season, which will be held on March 26 and 27, 2022 in San Francisco. Australia and the United States have already obtained their tickets and the Spanish team will have Japan (currently third overall) as the main rival to be the third team in this Grand Final. The important thing is to stay “alive” and pilot Phil Robertson did not hesitate: “The season is still open.” Spain, fourth, adds 43 points, eight from Japan (51).

The day this Saturday was not easy because the gusty wind of up to 46 km / h forced the entire fleet to compete with the small wing, 18 meters. Of course, only seven boats competed in the Sydney Harbor after the failure of Great Britain to leave due to the accident suffered last Friday. Who did sail was Japan, who did it with the helmet of the British team because theirs was destroyed after the collision, and it was remade in an unbeatable way. He won both tests of the day and was about to get into the final. Spain was the one who achieved that privilege, along with Australia and the United States, and that the day for the F50 Victoria was suffered because it finished sixth in the two disputed tests. Of course, the good results that he dragged last Friday (with a first, a second and a third place) served him to reach the final. Already there, Australia did not give any option to its rivals. “After Cádiz we have a good taste in the mouth. This day in Australia can add up to more than any other and it will help us a lot in the face of San Francisco. Nothing is impossible in SailGP and with that idea we will continue competing. A third is a good result, we can be happy, “added a Trittel who now knows that they have three months to rest and then they will think about how to snatch third place from Japan in the general classification and thus play that Grand Final of SailGP so longed for.

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Australia – 10 points

United States – 9 p

Spain – 8 p

Japan – 7 p

New Zealand – 6 p

Denmark – 5 p

France – 4 p

Great Britain – 3 p


Australia – 55 points

United States – 53 p

Japan – 51 p

Spain – 43 p

New Zealand – 42 p

Great Britain – 41 p

Denmark – 38 p

France – 35 p

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