More and more people decide to focus their vacations on physical exercise, to the point There are more than 2.2 billion cycling holidays booked each year in Europe. But to enjoy cycling, whether as a leisure activity on vacation or as a form of regular exercise, it is important to feel safe. So, in Myprotein Have you ever wondered which are the safest European countries for cycling?

To know, 31 countries have been analyzed and classified according to five cycling safety criteria: annual cyclist fatalities, air pollution levels, percentage of total trips made by bicycle (modal share), number of available cycle routes, and whether or not the country has a National Cycling Strategy.

Sweden has risen to the top of the table thanks to a relatively low accident rate, low pollution levels and an excellent National Strategy for cyclists. Luxembourg comes second with the highest number of cycle routes available, and third place goes to the Netherlands, with the highest modal share of the 31 countries, at 27%.

These are the 10 safest European countries for cycling

1. Sweden – Total score: 59.17

2. Luxembourg – Total score: 57.40

3. Netherlands – Total score: 57.38

4. Malta – Total Score: 55.80

5. Germany – Total score: 52.49

6. Belgium – Total score: 49.07

7. Austria – Total Score: 47.84

8. Norway – Total Score: 46.40

9. Spain – Total score: 45.18

10. UK – Total Score: 44.36

At the other end of the table, Bulgaria comes last as the most dangerous European country for cycling, with a high rate of accidents and pollution, and a low modal share and route availability.


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