Spain sweeps the Paris Open with 16 medals, five gold

Overwhelming success of Spanish taekwondo at the Open G1 in Paris, one of the highest level and most prestigious events on the international circuit. The national team managed to dominate with authority the medal table of the competition after adding five golds and eleven bronzes in an appointment that, in addition, allowed its competitors to climb the international ranking to qualify for the next 2024 Olympic Games, also to play in the French capital.

The Spanish exhibition was led by the Olympic team from the past Tokyo Games. Javier Pérez (-68 kilos) confirmed that he is in the best moment of his career after adding a new gold medal, like his teammate Adrián Vicente, who also dominated in his category (-58 kilos). The third Musketeer of the Olympic team, Raúl Martínez, successfully reappeared from his injury and won the gold in his category (-87 kilos). Joan Jorquera (-63 kilos) also added a new gold to a full year, while Ana Jiménez (-46 kilos) achieved the only victory for the women’s delegation.

The Spanish competitors also took a bronze bath in French lands. The European champion and Olympic runner-up, Adriana Cerezo, achieved third place in her category (-49 kilos). The same result achieved by Marta Calvo (-62 kilos), Jone Magdaleno (-62 kilos), Cecilia Castro (-67 kilos) and Tania Castineira (+73 kilos) in the women’s team. In men, Adrián Del Río (-63 kilos), Daniel Quesada (-74 kilos), Daniel Ros (-87 kilos) and Iván García (+87 kilos) also managed to climb to the third step of the Parisian podium.

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Alma María Pérez (-53 kilos), Pablo Patiño (-68 kilos), Ramón Ruiz (-74 kilos), Belén Morán (+63 kilos), Joan Andoni Cintado (-80 kilos) and Marcos Caballero (-68 kilos) had an outstanding performance, achieving fifth place in their respective competitions. Spain was first in the overall medal table with 16 medals, since at 14 of the official delegation of the federation were added another two bronze ones achieved by Óscar Hernández (-68 kilos) and Lluïsa Garcies i Sala (-46 kilos) in representation of their clubs. The second place in the medal table went to France, the host, with half the medals, and the third to the United States with six in a competition in which a score of countries were represented.

After the success obtained in Paris, the Spanish team is already preparing their suitcases to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where this week they will play a new Open event. Sarajevo will host another demanding competition in which Spanish taekwondo players will try to maintain the high level shown during 2021 in international events

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