Spain Secures Official Victory Against China in Thrilling Match

Two victories, two successes. The Spanish National Team left Vigo after a week of intense work, marked by a valuable win against China (70-46). The team, led by Miguel Méndez, had been laying the foundations of their game throughout the week, and now they will have a small rest period before resuming preparation for the Paris Olympic Games.

The Women’s National Team began their second friendly preparation in Vigo with an ambitious quintet, looking to take control of the match from the start. They faced a dynamic China, a rival with clearer ideas, and initially struggled to close their ring, relying on Laura Gil to find their way in stroke (8-15). However, as the minutes passed, they found their rhythm, thanks to a strong performance from Paula Ginzo and Lola Pendande, who led the national comeback at the end of the first quarter (16-15).

The team returned to the court ready to maintain their momentum, seeking to improve their defense. They became strong under their own hoop, closed the rebound perfectly, and moved the Chinese centers away from their comfort zones. This allowed them to open the door to a partial that would take Spain to the locker rooms at maximum income (32-25).


The time in the locker room did not feel bad at all for a team that gained fluidity in attack with the start of the second half. They slightly narrowed the differences, a key objective to be able to win. Maria Conde was in charge of dynamiting once again with five consecutive points, continuing to enrich their income towards a new maximum (41-32). The best way to encourage their teammates in a stretch of the game in which Miguel Mendez intensified rotations without affecting the collective game in the slightest (48-37).

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The meeting had little history during a final period in which China could no longer match the pace of play proposed by a national team that kept the pace from the direction of Leticia Romero, who did not take long to put the +20 on the scoreboard, which was completely broken with a triple from the Canary Islands one minute from the end. The horn therefore ratified the second victory, and most importantly, the good feelings acquired in Vigo before being able to enjoy a few days of rest prior to the final stretch of preparation (70-46).

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