Spain: on the eve of the legislative elections, Pedro Sanchez and his supporters still want to believe in victory

More than 4,000 people shout “Pedro, Pedro” at the meeting of the Prime Minister and candidate for his succession, Pedro Sanchez, which was held in the evening, Friday July 21, in Madrid. The Spaniards vote Sunday, July 23 to have a new parliament. For these early elections, the latest polls give the right and the far right the winners against the left bloc which brings together socialists, radical left and separatists.

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These 4,000 people think that a comeback is always possible, even if their leader is a loser in the polls. In front of his fans, Pedro Sanchez does everything to believe it: “We will win the elections and fight until the last minute, until the last breath. We will win, without a doubt”.

Nearly 4,000 people were present at Pedro Sanchez's meeting in Madrid on July 21, 2023, two days before the vote for the early legislative elections.  (france info)

To win, Pedro Sanchez counts on the fear of the extreme right whose possible return is announced with its leader Santiago Abascal, whose medieval theories he makes fun of. “On the energy transition, I say to Mr. Abascal that yes, the earth is round, that man has walked on the Moon and that vaccines against Covid work”proclaims the Prime Minister.

The speech is effective for activists who want four more years of power, like this early socialist, very moved, full of hope: “Of course, there is a desire for victory, he acknowledges. It will be the victory of the workers, that of the pensioners and the victory of the people”. The results of this early legislative election will be known late in the evening, Sunday July 23.

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