Spain-Norway: all or nothing

Spain-Norway: all or nothing

he of today against Norway happens to be him key Party, the all or nothing, because as Dani Dujshebaev said, “if desireyou are already touching the medalsand yes you lose you go to home as if you had failed without what you have done in the championship it matters”. It’s the same old story barrier of the quarter finals.

Norway you should think about it samebut this time it gives the impression that feel safer before Spain After his victory in it European 2022which ended a 17-game losing streak for the Nordics, who now have a win and a draw, although these tables no sagosen. “Is a great player, but not the only one of the highest level of the norwegians”, he comments Rodrigo Corrales, Spanish goalkeeper who played with Sagosen at PSG. “He’s a good guy and a great partner, and others like Reinkin, Rod or Johannessen act with him, for example. Norway is more than a player.”

Gideon Guardiola, the captain of Spain, basic in the Hispanics of Jordi Ribera, is one of those who stands out that “it has been normalized that The hispanics always be in the title fight”, and that in the last four major tournaments they have climbed to the podium, gold and silver in the Europeans, and bronze in the World Cup and the Olympic Games. “We have evolved we have more things to offer with Two different defenses, but we maintain mobility and collective play. Possibly that is the hallmark of Spainwhich makes it singular, that above the physical there is a lot of work in other aspects to offer a choral game with group contribution. That is why victories are more enjoyable, because they belong to everyone and everyone has to collaborate”.

Jordi Ribera, the Spanish coach is clear about the two fundamental aspects for today: “defend very well, and maintain fluidity in attack”. He explains it: “The Norwegians open the gaps well to take advantage of your one-on-one quality and we must also maintain our identity, and not lose style of game avoiding that we do many mistakes Stop our attack.”.

Ribera ponders the norwegians “that they already make a I play much more choral. They already reach the freshest endgames, and have shown that they are capable of go from less to more”, highlighting that “Sagosen now does not have to spend so much time on the track”.

Spain comes after a defeat (on Sunday before France); Norway, undefeated, knows only victory. “That doesn’t affect anything. Each game is different, and with a different significance. In this the passage to the semifinals is played ”.

Others two Spanish coaches more are still in the competition: Chema Rodriguezwith Miguel Ángel Velasco as assistant and Pedro Rodriguez, in Hungary; Y Roberto Garcia partying in Egyptthe only non-European country in the top eight.

The hungarians face off in stockholm to Denmark, a selection that He has gone 24 games without losing in world cups, and aspire to be the first in conquering three golds in a row. Yes Spain arrived to the semifinals, the winner of this tie would be his rival. It will be the opening game for Sweden-Egypt, in which 20,000 fans are expected, a record attendance for a match without medals at stake.

France-Germany complete the program in Gdansk (Poland), behind Norway-Spain. Between the Germans and the French there is a maximum rivalry, as traditional as that of the Spanish and French, only this time there is a lot at stake.


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