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Spain loses to Fiji and beats Japan on the second day of Hong Kong

Spain loses to Fiji and beats Japan on the second day of Hong Kong

The Spanish rugby team 7 will play this Sunday for ninth place in the Hong Kong tournamentopening stage of the 2022/23 World Series, after a second day in which they lost to Fiji, current Olympic and world champion (21-35)and beat Japan (33-19).

The start of Spain’s match against the ‘Flying Fijians’ was very promising, since a long offensive action full of patience and precision in the passes, led Manu Moreno to open the scoringalthough the oceanic responded on the next play with a run to the posts by Iowane Teba.

The end of the first half and the beginning of the second period was fatal for the national team, unable to contain a rival who monopolized the oval and put distance on the scoreboard (7-28) thanks to the consecutive marks of Waisea Nacuqu, Josevani Saro and, again, Teba.

In the last two minutes, Spain reacted through Manuel Sainz-Trápaga, served on the right wing with a long pass from Juan Martínez, and from Martínez himself, who stole the kickoff to put the tie down for a tryalthough a break by Filipe Sauturaga with the clock at zero raised the account to the final 21-35.

Against Japan, at the end of the group stage, the national team based the victory on the magnificent performance of its captain, Juan Pedro Ramoswho opened the scoring after intercepting a Japanese transmission, served Pol Pla the second mark in a cross and he pulled the marker by completing his double at the start of the second half.

Koki Yakushiji, with a run of ninety meters, scored the first try of a Japanese ‘seven’ that kept in touch with his rival thanks to two marks from Yuu Kuriharaalthough Spain always found offensive answers to ensure victory with the annotations of Enrique Bolinches and Juan Martínez (33-19).

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