Spain: La Palma inflamed by the heat wave

Impressive flames, pushed by gusts of wind at 70 km / h, invaded La Palma. The northwest of this island has seen more than 160 hectares go up in flames. About fifty houses were reduced in total and more than 500 people were evacuated. For this impressive operation, four helicopters were mobilized and the neighboring islands called upon. This Saturday, July 15, at the end of the afternoon, the first fire trucks intervened.

A precedent in 2021

The first flames began to crackle on the night of July 14 to 15 in Punta Gorda. They then spread all around, attacking the local nature reserve. The island had already been the victim of such a fire in September 2021 following a volcanic eruption. At the time, 2,000 homes and farms had burned down and one person had lost his life.

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