Home Sports Spain feeds its legend: to the final with a ticket to Paris

Spain feeds its legend: to the final with a ticket to Paris

Spain feeds its legend: to the final with a ticket to Paris

suffered. It could not be otherwise in a semifinal of a World Swimming Championships. But The women’s water polo team is back in a new international final, his fourth in this championship (one gold and two silver), his tenth in 15 years in which he has collected medals of all kinds except Olympic gold. And in the 2024 Paris Games he will have a new opportunity, because the victory against Australia (10-12) and the pass to the final gives them the direct ticket. Without scales. Spain will look for gold, its second, against the Netherlands this Friday (11:00) in the Fukuoka pool and makes sure to be an Olympic.

The concentrated faces of the National Team players at the time of the hymns heralded a devastating start. It is the face of great occasions. On the back of Judit Forca and Elena Ruiz, the two alien pitchers, Miki Oca’s team already picked up cruising speed in the first set (2-5). After a great pass from Maica, to the basketball pivot, Ruiz did not forgive to score 0-1. He followed Paula Leitondominant at the buoy, while a left-footed shot from forca It served to make it 1-3. Australia was drowning in the Spanish defense, and only managed to score through Andrews and Arancini, fortunately. Elena Ruiz and Bea Ortiz increased the difference (2-5). Spain was plugged in, successful in the outer zone, decisive at the buoy, focused on defense.

Australia demonstrated rennet and a higher competitive level, as Anni Espar had already warned. Kearns made it 3-5, while a save by Martina Terré in the upper attack prevented them from getting within a goal. Maica García’s intelligent goal, also in women’s extra, was countered by Williams, the Orizzonte Catania player, to close the gap again. The game was a give and take, spectacular in the attacks, like the goal that Forca scored with Vaseline to make it 4-7: the ball fell into the dead water, inside the goal. But Australia was a tough nut to crack. Kearns scored 5-7 and a delicate moment of the match arrived. Paula Camus, decisive in the buoy defense, made it 5-8 but just after she committed a foul, was excluded and hindered the serve. Double exclusion, third overall and expelled. And Australia’s goal, by Halligan from a penalty. With 6-8 it came to rest. Spain won on the scoreboard but lost an important player in defense.

The warriors did not notice it at the beginning of the third set. Everything followed the natural course of the match, with a fine Spain, with goals from Elena Ruiz, MVP of the match, one from a penalty committed on Maica, and another from a tight shot from outside. The score reached 6-10, but Australia continued to punish thanks to its buoy, it did not stop removing exclusionsso many that a new Spanish player was disqualified: Paula Crespí arrived at three and Kearns and Armit They put the difference of two goals back. The National Team could not escape on the scoreboard, Australia clung to life in the absence of the decisive fourth.

The game entered a physical scenario, with that pressing defense from Australia that put a Spain with less troops in difficulties. A pass from Anni Espar, Maica García returned the lead of three (8-11), but Williams from a penalty closed the gap and Australia had numerous opportunities to get within one, but between Martina Terré, the sticks and the good Spanish defensive work they stopped them. Suffering came in attack. Nona Pérez missed a one-on-one and another free kick. Spain, obfuscated in attack, had no choice but to cling to its defense. Australia lost effectiveness in their superiorities (60%) and time was running out… Spain played with the clock, hardened in a thousand and one battles. Bea Ortiz put the key to the game with a minute to go with the 9-12 score. She didn’t even celebrate. Miki Oca swallowed with a “let’s go”. And the final came true. The legend of the warriors continues to be written…


10 – Australia: Palm; Halligan (1p), Abby Andrews (1), Ridge (-), Arancini (2), Williams (2, 1p), Kearns (3) -starting team-, Pontre (-), Armit (1), Swalding (- ), Leeson-Smith (-), Charlize Andrews (-)

12 – Spain: Terre; Nona Pérez (-), Paula Crespí (-), Elena Ruiz (4.1p), Judith Forca (2), Anni Espar (-), Maica García (2) -initial team-, Paula Leitón (1), Cristina Nogué (-), Pili Peña (-), Bea Ortiz (2) and Paula Camus (1).

partial: 2-5, 4-3, 2-2, 2-2.

referees: Stavridis (GRE) and Mc Call (USA). Eliminated: Paula Camus and Paula Crespí.

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