Spain continues to scare in the World Cup

Spain has once again shown this Monday that it is going for it all in the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship (Division II Group A) that is being held this week at the Ice Palace in Madrid. The Spanish team has added its second victory after clearly beating Australia 8-1 on the second day of the competition. In this way, the team coached by Luciano Basile reaches the decisive matches of the tournament with options to win the title after the good feelings shown.

The team led by Luciano Basile stalked the goal of Australian goalkeeper Anthony Kimlin during the first half and had up to three clear chances, although the Australian team also came dangerously close to the goal of Raúl Barbó, who made two worthwhile saves against Casey Kubara and in another hand in hand. However, the Spanish insistence paid off and with 6:15 to go in the first period Jaime de Bonilla put the Spanish team ahead with a great cross shot after taking advantage of a great play by Adrián Torralba and a great pass behind Jaime Capillas. Just two minutes later, with four to go in the first half, Capillas himself made it 2-0 after a great assist from Arturo Guerra. The Spanish team was able to extend the advantage after two exclusions to the Australian team but finally the end of this first part was reached with 2-0.

The second part could not have started better for the Spanish team, since just 38 seconds after the start Spain made it 3-0 thanks to Alejandro Carbonell after beating Kimlin after a great pass from Alejandro Burgos that left him alone in front of the goalkeeper Australian. Strong Spanish pressure kicked in two minutes later when a steal in midfield ended with Oriol Rubio’s cross from the right side for Alejandro Carbonell to score his brace to make it 4-0. Despite the score, Australia returned to stalk Spain’s domain, forcing Raul Barbo to make several worthwhile interventions to keep a clean sheet. However, Spain stepped on the accelerator again and with 4:28 remaining for the end of the second period Gastón González made it 5-0 after taking advantage of Kimlin’s rebound from a shot by Oriol Rubio. González himself would repeat as a scorer, with the goalkeeper’s celebration included, at 2:41 to go in this second half after taking advantage of a magnificent assist from Jaime Capillas that allowed Spain to face the third and final period with a score of 6-0.

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The third and final period began with Australia once again stalking the Spanish goal and forcing Raúl Barbo to make worthy interventions to keep his goal immaculate while Alejandro Carbonell scored the third goal of his goalscoring tally. after taking advantage of a rejection of a distant shot. Australia achieved the goal of honor in one of the few defensive mismatches of the Spanish team that Vadim Virjassov did not miss. However, the Spanish team did not collapse and achieved the eighth goal through Alejandro Burgos after a great play between Alejandro Carbonell and Oriol Rubio that put the finishing touch to the great performance of the Spanish team.

In this way, and after the victories of Croatia against Iceland by 6-2 and that of Georgia against Israel by 7-3, Spain is the co-leader along with Croatia and Georgia with 6 points before the decisive game this Wednesday against the Caucasian team, in which the Spanish team a good part of their options to fight for the title is at stake.


Spain 8 – Australia 1

Partial: 2-0, 4-0 and 2-1

Goals: 1-0 Jaime de Bonilla (min. 13); 2-0 Jaime Capillas (min.15); 3-0 Alejandro Carbonell (min. 21); 4-0 Alejandro Carbonell (min. 23); 5-0 Gastón González (min. 35); 6-0 Gastón González (min. 37); 7-0 Alejandro Carbonell (min. 46); 7-1 Vadim Virjassov (min. 49); 8-1 Alejandro Burgos (min.51)

Incidents: Match played in front of 1,000 spectators at the Ice Palace in Madrid

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