Spain closes the group stage with good feelings

Spain has beaten Italy 7-4 in a vibrant encounter in which the transalpine team struck first, but Spain imposed his character and experience to get his first victory in the European. The national team reached the final day of the group stage with doubts about their game but with the clear feeling that he had gone from less to more in the first two dates.

As usual in this European, The Spanish team started the match hesitantly without finding an answer to the push of an Italy very dedicated to attack. fruit of it, The first goal of the match came from Francesco Compagno with a shot from midfield. Furthermore, it was not the only warning in this first half as Andrea Malagoli scared Spain with a shot that hit the left post of the goal defended by Candid Ballart.

The entry into the field of Roc Pujadashis debut with the National Team at just 19 years old, was a game changer for Spain. In just two minutes Spain came back from behind. In the ninth minute of the match, Pau Bargalló, located behind the goal defended by Zampoli, found Nil Roca who beat the Italian goalkeeper after managing to distance himself from his peer.

In the 10th minute two more goals came for Spain. First of all, the referees awarded a penalty on Roc Pujadas that César Carballeira was in charge of transforming. In second place, and moments after the penalty, Italy lost the ball in midfield and Marc Julià beat the Italian goalkeeper.

After Spain’s scoring maelstrom, the game slowed down. The national team dedicated themselves to controlling the game without losing their offensive strength, which allowed them to increase their lead after another great action by Pau Bargalló. The captain, again behind the goal, found, on this occasion, the goal by Marc Grau that made it 4-1 with which he reached the break.

The second part began with Italy taking the lead again. In the 35th minute the reward came with a goal from Elia Cinquini that was quickly answered by another from Sergi Aragonés to cut off the reaction of the transalpine team. This was the trend throughout the second half. To each blow that Italy dealt, Spain responded so as not to lose its comfortable advantage.

The transalpine team tried in every way thanks to goals from Malagoli and Cocco from a penalty, but the national team managed close the game with a comfortable 7-4 victory thanks to goals from Marc Grau and Sergi Aragonés in the final moments of the second half. Spain closes the group stage in second position and will face off against Germany (Thursday 20 at 9:00 p.m.) in a duel that will award the ticket to the semifinals.

Data sheet

Spain (7): Candid Ballart (P), Pau Bargalló (C), César Carballeira, Marc Grau and Nil Roca – starting five – Carles Grau (P), Marc Julià, Xavier Barroso, Roc Pujadas and Sergi Aragonés.

Italy (4): Stefano Zampoli (P), Giulio Cocco (C), Davide Gavioli, Andrea Malagoli and Francesco Compagno – starting five – Bruno Sgaria (P), Morgan Antonioni, Alessandro Faccin, Elia Cinquini and Nicolas Barbieri.

Goals: 0-1, Francesco Compagno min. 3; 1-1, Nil Roca min. 9; 2-1 Cesar Carballeira min. 10; 3-1, Marc Julià min. 10; 4-1 Marc Grau min. 22; 4-2 Elia Cinquini min. 35; 5-2 Sergi Aragonés min. 35; 6-2 Marc Grau min. 40; 6-3 Andrea Malagoli min. Four. Five; 7-3 Sergi Aragonés min. 45 and 7-4 Giulio Cocco min. 49.

Referees: Pedro Silva (Por) and Pedro Figueiredo (Por).

Incidents: Third day of the group stage of the European Championship held at the Pavelló Olímpic Ateneu in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona.

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