Spain advances to the quarterfinals from the buoy

The women’s water polo team advances steadily in the Fukuoka Swimming World Cups. He’s already in the quarterfinals. ceiling in Budapest in 2022, but now the rival will not be the unbeatable United Stateswhich goes to the other side of the box, but Hungary, a team even with the Spanish that will be a hard rock on the road but far from it an (almost) impossible mission. The match will be played on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

To get to that stage, Miki Oca’s men knocked down a combative France, a team that has taken a step forward internationally due to its improvement in this Olympic cycle. The Games are in Paris and weak France is now a middle-class team, far from being able to beat the best but with the ability to match the games at times. And that happened against Spain. Before the break, the result was 5-6, but afterwards the ‘warriors’ of the water made the difference from the buoy, with Paula Leitón and Maica García as scorers.

Those of Miki Oca did not fall asleep, who after five minutes were already winning 0-3 with two great goals from Anni Espar and another from Judit Forca. If it was the game of the buoys, the first quarter was for the pitchers. Spain pressed in defense, which neutralized the French until the Hungarian national, Hertzka scored in the second French superiority with one minute to go (1-3). That goal spurred the French, who lived their best moments at the beginning of the second set. Although Elena Ruiz made it 1-4, later Dhalluin, Hardy and Bouloukbachi made it 4-5, with a goal from Nogué from the mark for Spain. Maica, who began to wreak havoc due to the lack of French help at the buoy guard, and Forca led a more reassuring 5-7 lead at halftime.

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Spain accelerated, especially in attack, in the third quarter. He had found the way to the goal. Maica and Leitón, also left-handed Ariadna Ruiz and Forca, completed a 0-4 run that sealed the game (5-11). The rest was sewing and singing, with a France that kept up the pace but was already outclassed by Spanish dominance. Forca continued to score and has already accumulated 12 goals in the championship, confirming her as one of the scorers. Maica and Leitón herself expanded their account. It was a match won from the buoy, where Spain also makes the difference.


9 – France: Mia Rycraw; Estelle Millot (-), Valentine Heurtaux, (1), Camelia Bouloukbachi (2), Louise Guillet (1), Orsolya Hertzka (1),
Juliette Dhalluin (2.1p), Aurelie Battu (1), Erica Hardy (1), Camelie, Radosaviljevic, Lara Andres, Aurelie Daule, Lalou Martinaud-Peret.

16 – Spain: Martina Terre; Cristina Nogué (1), Anni Espar (2), Bea Ortiz, Nona Pérez, Paula Crespí, Elena Ruiz (2p), Ariadna Ruiz (1), Judith
Forca (5), Paula Camus, Maica Garcia (3), Paula Leiton (1), Laura Ester.

referees: Matan Schwartz (ISR) and Raffaele Colombo (ITA). They expelled Bouloukbachi and Nogué

partial: 1-3, 4-4, 2-5, 2-4

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