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SpaceX embarks on space advertising, accepts only Ethereum payments

SpaceX unveiled its new project: display advertising in space. Specifically, the company will send an advertising billboard to the stars, whose content will be broadcast live on Earth. Anyone can now buy their pixels, as long as they have Ethereum.

Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX is certainly Elon Musk’s most eclectic company. Initially seeking to develop rockets capable of landing after takeoff, the company expanded into areas as varied as travel to the moon or Mars and satellite Internet through your Starlink offer. Obviously, that’s still not enough for the company, which has announced it’s adding a new string to its bow. The latter will be the first to propose space advertising.

At a time when a few billionaires are competing in space tourism, this announcement may seem a little out of date. But it is without counting the human ingenuity that he attributes to invest any platform to promote products and services. SpaceX therefore decided to add satellites to the paraphernalia. CubeSat, the name of the satellite that will carry the announcement, will be launched into orbit around the Earth. early next year.

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Even in space you won’t escape advertising

SpaceX has partnered with the Canadian company Geometric Energy Corporation to carry out this fantastic project. The teams redoubled their ingenuity to make this possible. CubeSat will certainly have a gigantic screen, but not enough to be visible from Earth. To broaden the advertising target to people beyond a handful of vacationing billionaires, the two companies developed an advertising system. camera hanging from a kind of selfie stick. The latter films the screen and then sends the images to the GEC HQ, which will be in charge of transmitting them live on YouTube.

Like the Dogecoin-funded satellite, this “mission” also relies on cryptocurrencies. To show your ad in the space, you must buy a pixel in the form of a token, just with Ethereum. Five tokens must be configured, corresponding to the X and Y axes of the pixel, its brightness, its color and the duration of the reservation. We still don’t know the exact price of the token.

“I’m trying to achieve something that can democratize access to space and allow for decentralized participation”, said Samuel Reid, CEO of GEC. “I hope people don’t waste money on something inappropriate, insulting or offensive. There may be companies that want to display their logo… or it may end up being a little more personal and artistic. Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi are fighting over their logo. “

Source: Business Insider

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