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Space Jam 2: Warner is preparing a spin-off film on Bugs Bunny

Space Jam 2 © Warner

THE looney tunes have been starting to have a short career in the cinema for a few years now. After the success of the first space jam in 1996 then some looney tunes take action with Brendan Fraserthe little cartoon animals have been absent from the big screen until Space Jam: New Era with lebron james in 2021. Only problem, the feature film mixing science fiction and sport was an interstellar miss at the box office with $163 million in international revenue For 150 million budget excluding marketing costs. In the case, the Warner thus almost lost the heavy sum of $100 million. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes also attributed to space jam the low ratio of 26% good reviews.

On its website, Robert Ruganscreenwriter, announced that he had “has been hired to write a new hybrid live-action/animated Bugs Bunny film for Warner Bros. “. Information picked up by the media Deadline And Screening. His CV includes the scenarios of Alice’s Misadventures in Wonderland in 2004 and The Curse of Bridge Hollow of netflix.

Choosing to make a film bugs bunny may be surprising given the lesser interest viewers show in space jam. If the first is a timeless classic for fans of pop-culture, the second proved that one absolutely could not capitalize on a cinematographic success around the looney tunes. It now remains to wait a few months before having additional information on the project.

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