Southeast Asia likely to experience extreme heat after 200 years

The effects of climate change have changed the world’s weather, experts have revealed the possibility of extreme heat in the Southeast Asian region after 200 years.

According to the details, temperatures are reaching extremes around the world and climate change is causing havoc, due to which extreme temperatures have raised alarm bells.

Climate change has started to bring destruction, some forests are burning, some roads are melting, some heat waves and some hail in June.

The effects of climate change have changed the world’s weather, a heat wave has gripped Southeast Asia.

Vietnam and Thailand are in the grip of the hottest heat in history, experts say that people’s employment is being affected due to the heat wave in Vietnam.

Due to the extreme heat, tourism is falling in Thailand, while the heat wave in Bangladesh has also left people in a bad condition.

Heat wave is not only affecting human health but also taking away people’s jobs, power breakdown due to extreme heat is affecting economic activities.

In the report of World Weather Attribution, scientists say that the heat in Southeast Asia in April has broken the record of two hundred years.

According to experts, the cause of the extreme weather is the climate changes caused by humans, last March was the hottest month in Pakistan and India in 122 years, due to which the southern regions of Pakistan were affected by extreme heat and floods in August 2022. Wreaked havoc on a large scale.

Due to global warming, the spring of Southeast Asia is getting hotter, the heat wave has also gripped different areas of Canada, America and Europe.

During one month, there have been fires in four hundred places in the forests of Canada, due to which more than 200,000 acres have been affected.

The US state of New York has become the worst place in the world in terms of air pollution, where breathing is equivalent to smoking six cigarettes.

Experts say that if the emission of greenhouse gases is not stopped, the temperature of the world may exceed one-tenth of five degrees in the next four years, which is extremely dangerous.

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