South Summit announces that it is open to entrepreneurs from the Dominican Republic, seeks “startups” to compete in Brazil

South Summit announces that it is open to entrepreneurs from the Dominican Republic, seeks

South Summit, the leading meeting of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, will hold its second edition in Brazil between March 29 and 31. Co-hosted globally byIE Universitythe university withthe best MBA for entrepreneurs in EuropeAccording to the Financial Times MBA ranking in 2022, South Summit Brazil has the institutional support of the Government of Rio Grande do Sul. This meeting, which will once again be held in Porto Alegre, will have the objective of generating real business opportunities and high-value connections between the Brazilian and Latin American ecosystem and the rest of the world.

In the previous edition, more than 3,300 entrepreneurs, 500 speakers, 8,500 company representatives and more than 500 investors and 80 investment funds gathered, with a portfolio of 65,000 million dollars. More than 2,500 meetings were also held between entrepreneurs, investors and corporations

Motto With the motto ‘Shape the Future’, South Summit Brazil 2023 It will be, in addition to being a benchmark for innovation and opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, an example of a meeting that is sustainable and respectful of the environment. Online registration toStartup Competition, from which the 50 finalist projects will come out to participate in the meeting, will be open until January 16. Startups from any industry, origin and stage of development may apply. This new edition will have eight scenariostwo more than in 2022, through which more than 500 speakers and experts of recognized international prestige in the innovative ecosystem will pass.

Some of the names confirmed so far They are: João Kepler (CEO of Bossanova Investimentos), Gabriela Chaves Schwery Comazzetto (Head of Global Business Solutions Latam & Brazil for TikTok), Pedro Janot (responsible for expanding Richards operations, bringing Zara to Brazil and launching Azul Líneas Aéreas ), Sandra Uwera (Global CEO of Fairtrade in Zambia), Alfonso de los Rios (CEO and co-founder of Nowports in Mexico), Ruchika Sikri (General Partner & Principal of Wisdom Venture in the US), Daniel Izzo (CEO of Vox Capital in Brazil), Sacha Spitz (CoFounder & Managing Partner of the Argentine fund Newtopia) and Marcelo Lacerda (Chairman of Magnopus). To María Benjumea, founder and president of South Summit, “we can bet on innovation, but it won’t help us if we don’t have a healthy planet. Since this new edition of South Summit Brazil we have set ourselves the challenge of building together a future that will always go through sustainability”. “After learning from our first year in this wonderful ecosystem, we are going to make the results of South Summit Brazil 2023 much better for all the actors involved,” says Benjumea. Eduardo Leite, who from January 2023 will revalidate his position as governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, highlighted in the presentation of South Summit Brazil 2023 that “growing with innovation is a priorityand this new South Summit meeting is the best opportunity to give a boost to our companies and our innovation ecosystem”.


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