South Korea: A passenger opens the door of a plane in mid-flight

A door of the plane was opened in full flight, Friday, May 26. A powerful blast rushes into the Asiana Airlines Airbus. Shaken by the wind, the passengers cling to their seats, tense with fear. Even though the aircraft is still 200 meters above sea level, about to land in South Korea, a passenger has just opened the emergency door to jump into the void. “He tried to jump, ten people clung to him and pulled him inside”says a passenger.

An investigation has been opened

Among the 200 travelers, nine people were hospitalized for respiratory problems. The man who wanted to commit suicide was arrested. But why did the door open? “He was able to open the emergency exit because the plane was low, just before landing. There was no more pressurization in the plane. Higher, he could not have physically”, explains Gérard Feldzer, president of Aviation Sans Frontières and former airline pilot. An investigation has been opened.

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