South Africa: flood kills nine during religious rituals in Johannesburg

The sudden flooding of a small river in the urban area of ​​Johannesburg (South Africa), killed nine people during a religious ritual, announced the emergency services on Sunday, December 4. Rescuers continue to search for six missing persons, but “the hope of finding them alive is dwindling”said the spokesman for the city’s emergency services, Robert Mulaudzi.

Saturday night, “a group was participating in religious rituals in the river when a storm fell”, he explained. He specified that there were 33 faithful present on the banks of the small Juskei river, at the time of this spectacular flood.

“Two people were taken away, their deaths were confirmed on the spot”, he added. Rescuers, with the support of firefighters, resumed their efforts on Sunday morning, identifying seven more bodies, bringing the death toll to nine, he added.

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