South Africa: discovering the sardine migration, one of the largest in the world

It is sometimes necessary to take height to realize the immensity of the phenomenon. On board a plane, one can observe on the South African coast, a black band several kilometers long. These are sardines, billions that, every year, migrate along the coasts of South Africa South. They follow the cold currents, and try to escape the many predators. The timeless spectacle is watched by millions of tourists. A little everywhere along the coasts, groups of amateur divers hit the road early in the morning. They come for a reason. “I want to see sardines and a whale”advances a tourist. The controls of the boat, he’s the captain Keagan.

Birds and dolphins on the prowl

They finally leave, and the captain must fight his way through the waves. The captain has been a skipper for thirteen years. He learned to observe animals. “The birds let themselves be carried by the wind, they hover above the water and spot the sardines”, he explains. It is then necessary to follow the birds and the dolphins which are also hunting. Then only tourists are left with diving. The phenomenon of sardines is still largely unexplained, but it remains one of the greatest migrations in the world, and allows a real feast for the many sharks.

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