The midfielder is evident that he has lost ownership and returning home is not unreasonable at 35 years old

It is so true that Raul Garcia has been key in Athletic like now it’s expendable. The veteran midfielder is watching as Oihan Sancet comes to stay It’s not news anymore Raul be a substitute and that situation can lead the player back to Osasuna.

A Raul Garcia which seemed to be one of the important pieces of Marcelino Garcia Toral. In fact, displaying his great professionalism, he returned a week earlier after the holidays last summer, to train on his own and arrive at the start of the preseason in the best conditions.

Raul Garcia
Raúl García regrets after losing the final

Sancet dazzles Marcelino

However, it was seen that Sancet had charmed Marcelino. Already from the first pre-season friendly they gave the feeling of being ahead. And so it was the first league clashes. He took over the starting position until an inopportune injury brought Raúl García back on the pitch.

While Sancet was out, the Navarrese would have his last chance to convince Marcelino. There were four games starting in the starting eleven, with a ridiculous baggage. Sancet gradually rose, until now he has directly become the undisputed starter.

Osasuna opens the doors to Raúl García

It seems that Raúl García’s journey at Athletic may end soon. That Raúl who bit his rivals, who if things didn’t work out for him, at least guaranteed a devastating dirty job. What the coaches valued most in the midfielder. That player is no longer. Physically he has hit a major downturn.

However, by number of games he has met the objectives stipulated in his contract. Raúl García could extend his link with Athletic for another year if he so wishes. But it seems that staying to not have an important role is a problem for all parties. And in that context, a return to Osasuna could be the solution.


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