Sophie Choudry clashed with Kangana Ranaut’s security guard, users got angry after watching the video, saying: ‘Do you have any shame?’

A famous Hindi film actress and singer, Sophie Choudry is not dependent on any separate identity. Currently, the name of Sophie Choudry is grabbing a lot of headlines. The reason is Sophie Choudry’s confrontation with B-town superstar Kangana Ranaut’s security guard and CRPF staff. A video is going more and more viral on social media, in which Sophie is seen arguing with Kangana’s security guard. By watching this video, users are trolling Sophie Choudhary for speaking arrogantly to a Jawan CRPF.

Wahid Ali Khan has shared a video on his official Twitter account. In this video, actress Sophie Choudry is seen fighting with the security guard and CRPF jawan of famous Hindi film actress Kangana Ranaut. In the video you can see and hear that- Mam we follow everyone. Upon this, Sophie Choudhary tells her that if she wants to follow her, go straight to the dance class.

At this, the guard says that ma’am, it’s our job to question everyone, to which Sophie Chowdhary says that I’ll go talk to Kangana directly. At this, the security guard refuses to do so. This case is outside the building where the Kangana Ranaut dance class and Sophie Choudry come to exercise. Kangana is known to have Y more security through the central government.

Netizens don’t like Kangana Ranaut’s security guard and CRPF Jawan talking to Sophie Choudry like this. That’s why he started trolling Sophie Choudry. One user wrote that: Shame on you Sophie Choudhary, she has nothing personal against you and your camp. She’s just doing her job and following Kangana’s orders. Who has And more security for death threats. At least be courteous to those who are serving the nation. In this way, all users are lying to Sophie Chowdhary.

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