Sooraj celebrates acquittal in Jia Khan suicide case, distributes candy to paparazzi outside home

After 10 years in the Jiah Khan suicide case, the decision came on Friday i.e. April 28. The CBI court has acquitted defendant Sooraj Pancholi in this case. Suraj and his family are very happy with this decision. The actor has also given sweets to paparazzi outside his house, whose videos and photos are going viral on social media.

In the images it can be seen that there is a crowd of photographers outside Sooraj Pancholi’s house, to whom some people are handing out sweets. This is how Sooraj Pancholi and his family have celebrated after the verdict in his favor in the case of Jiah Khan’s suicide. The actor has shared a post after the decision came from the CBI court.

Suraj Pancholi shared a post on Insta Story in which it is written, ‘The truth always wins’. Apart from this, Sooraj has given his first statement after being acquitted in the Jia Khan case. He said: ‘It took 10 years for this decision to come. The time I spent during this was very painful and sleepless nights, but today I have not only won this case but also regained my dignity and self-confidence.

He further said: ‘It took a lot of courage to face the world with such egregious accusations. I hope and pray to God that what I have suffered at such a young age, I don’t know who will give me back these 10 years of my life? However, I am happy that it is finally over not only for me but also for my family. There is nothing greater than peace in this world.

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Jiah Khan’s body was found hanging from the noose at his Juhu home on June 3, 2013. Police had received a 6-page handwritten suicide note from Jia Khan’s home. Following this, on June 11, 2013, Mumbai Police arrested Sooraj Pancholi on charges of complicity in Jiah’s suicide. However, after spending a month in jail, Sooraj Pancholi was released on bail on 1 July 2013. Following this, at the request of Jia Khan’s mother, the Bombay High Court had given responsibility for investigate the case to the CBI in 2014.

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